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Medical Marijuana


We are receiving many requests for information regarding Medical Marijuana Medical Certification.  If you would like to receive a packet of information regarding our policy and clinic visits, please send your request, including your name and mailing address, to our email at:     

OR send your request, including name and mailing address, by US Mail to:    

AR Center, 505 Amity Road #604, Conway AR  72032.  

You can also send us a TEXT MESSAGE with your name and mailing address.  Send this to 501-327-2967.

The information packet is available to download by clicking HERE

Welcome to the AR Center


Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit


We are entering a new era in medical thinking.  It is no longer enough to use medications and surgery to treat a person‘s illness or condition.  The more we understand the role of multiple factors in our health and wellness, the more we understand that we have multiple tools for improving our health and improving our quality of life.  These multiple factors include our environment, what we are exposed to on the outside, and our mind, what we are exposed to on the inside.  The environment encompasses everything from the quality of food that we eat to the toxins we are exposed to (chemical and emotional).  The mind interacts with our body and from moment to moment, alters our internal biochemistry and ultimately influences our structure, including the health of individual cells, tissues and organs.

We have used the term Integrative Medicine to mean the combining of the best of both "conventional" and "alternative" medicine.  My current definition reminds us of the value of recognizing the role of body, mind and spirit in health and the value of having balance of our body, mind and spirit.

If a person is spiritual but neglects his/her body and mind, where is the health?
If a person is an excellent athlete but neglects his/her mind and spirit, where is the health?
If a person has developed his/her mind but neglects his/her body and spirit, where is the health?

Perhaps true health is when the body, mind and spirit are in balance and equally recognized.
We were given a body to take care of, a mind to develop and a spirit to grow.  We are responsible for all three aspects of ourselves.

My job is to help you find your optimal health, your balance of body, mind and spirit.  This can encompass restoring your health from the inside out and strategies to improve healing with mental and spiritual exercises.

I am Dr. Betsy Hendricks.  You can read more about me on the “About Dr. Betsy Hendricks” page.

I look forward to working with you here at the Arkansas Center for the Study of Integrative Medicine or in workshops around the state and country.


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